Your pet is an important part of the family, and at Eglinton Mavis Veterinary Hospital in Mississauga, we treat each puppy, kitten, cat, and dog as if it were our own. As a pet parent, one of the most important aspects of your pet's wellness care regimen is preventative care, which includes vaccinations. At our animal hospital, our veterinarian provides the treatments your pet needs to sustain a healthy lifestyle. 

Pet vaccination

Puppy Vaccinations

Puppies get their first round of core vaccines, which are usually administered in three stages at different age intervals. The veterinarian will discuss this with you based on your puppy's age. Puppy vaccinations include a set of core shots for the prevention of distemper, hepatitis, leptospirosis, parvo, and parainfluenza (DHLPP). A rabies vaccination is also needed.

Kitten Vaccinations

With kitten vaccinations, again, our vet will discuss with you when your kitten should begin its immunizations. The core vaccinations kittens receive are designed to protect them from common diseases, such as feline viral rhinotracheitis, feline distemper, rabies, and calicivirus.

Dog Vaccinations

As your puppy moves into adulthood, annual dog vaccinations are part of keeping its system healthy and protected. Additional non-core vaccinations are usually recommended to be administered once a year. The frequency of having your dog vaccinated can depend on its lifestyle.

Dogs with a high risk of exposure, such as those who are outside frequently and may come in contact with other dogs, wildlife, or infected animals, will most likely need a yearly vaccination. Dogs with a low-risk lifestyle may only need an annual non-core vaccination and core vaccinations every three years. How often your dog needs vaccinations will be discussed with you, and a plan put into place based on its current lifestyle.

Cat Vaccinations

Cats are in the same situation as dogs when it comes to how often they should be vaccinated. An outside cat that received the initial core cat vaccinations will need a booster every year, due to its high-risk lifestyle. Low-risk lifestyle cats that received core vaccines when they were kittens usually need to be re-vaccinated again in a year and then not as frequently once the vet determines their current lifestyle.

Schedule a Preventative Care Appointment

Wellness starts with a phone call to Eglinton Mavis Veterinary Hospital in Mississauga to schedule an appointment with our veterinarian for a check-up, any needed treatments, and vaccinations. The staff at our animal hospital understand pets can get nervous, especially if it is their first time getting a wellness check. Be assured that when you schedule an appointment, our team is dedicated to providing a friendly and caring environment during each visit. Call our office at (905) 501-8387 and let us get your pet started on the path to preventative care with important vaccinations.

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