Pet Wellness Exams

Comprehensive Pet Wellness Exams

As pet owners, we understand the significance of regular health check-ups for ourselves. But did you know that our beloved furry companions also require routine wellness exams? At Eglinton Mavis Veterinary Hospital, a trusted animal clinic, and veterinary hospital in Mississauga, we are committed to providing comprehensive care for your pets. Our veterinarian believes in the power of preventative care and the positive impact it has on your pet's overall well-being. Let's explore the importance of pet wellness exams and how they contribute to maintaining your furry friend's health and happiness. 

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What is a Pet Wellness Exam?

A pet wellness exam, conducted by our experienced veterinarian in Mississauga, is a comprehensive evaluation of your pet's health. Similar to human physical exams, these wellness exams play a crucial role in early detection and prevention of potential health issues. During the examination, our veterinarians assess various aspects of your pet's well-being, including body condition, vital signs, eyes, ears, mouth, mobility, and joint health. We also address any concerns or changes in behavior that you may have noticed. This holistic approach allows our vet to detect underlying health conditions, administer necessary vaccinations, provide travel certificates, and offer guidance on preventative care measures.

How Often Should Your Pet Get Wellness Exams?

At Eglinton Mavis Veterinary Hospital, we emphasize the importance of regular wellness exams tailored to your pet's specific needs. For young animals and puppies, frequent wellness exams are crucial as they undergo rapid growth and development. As your pet transitions into adulthood, annual wellness exams are generally recommended. However, for senior pets or those with pre-existing medical conditions, more frequent visits to the animal hospital, such as every six months, are highly beneficial.

These regular check-ups enable a veterinarian to closely monitor your pet's health, administer vaccinations, update travel certificates, and implement preventive care strategies. We also offer thorough evaluations before surgery and post-surgery to ensure optimal recovery and well-being.

Get Comprehensive Veterinary Care in Mississauga, ON

At Eglinton Mavis Veterinary Hospital, we understand that your pet is an integral part of your family. That's why we provide personalized care, treating every animal that walks through our doors with compassion and expertise. Our veterinary care professionals are dedicated to promoting wellness, educating pet owners on preventative care measures, and addressing any concerns you may have.

Whether it's administering vaccinations, issuing a travel certificate, or guiding you through the before and aftercare of surgery, we are here to support you and your furry friend at every step. By prioritizing pet wellness exams, you are investing in the long-term health and happiness of your beloved companion. Call our team today at (905) 501-8387 to learn more about pet wellness exams or to schedule an appointment.

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