Meet our Team

Here at Eglinton Mavis Veterinary Hospital, we provide a truly unique approach to veterinary care and medicine.

Our team stays on top of the latest research and medical knowledge, to ensure our skills are kept sharp so we can provide the best possible care to help your pet stay happy and healthy.

  • Dr. Chishti
    Dr. M. Azhar Chishti DVM, PhD.
    Owner, Veterinarian

    Dr. Chishti completed his degree in Veterinary Medicine (DVM) in 1981 and joined as a lecturer in the Department of Pathology. Dr. Chishti was then awarded a scholarship to obtain is PhD in Poland.
    After completing his PhD, he started his post-doctoral training at the New York State Department of Health from 1991 to 1996.

    Dr. Chishti then decided to move to Canada to further his career. He has a passion for research, diagnostic pathology, neurogenetics and therapeutic medicine. He worked at the University of Toronto from 1996 to 2002 where he developed the world’s best transgenic model for Alzheimer’s disease, as well as vaccines which will hopefully be available in the near future. His extensive education has allowed him to publish over 50 scientific publications in high ranked medical journals.

    Dr. Chishti has always loved animals and due to this, he decided to pursue his career in Veterinary Medicine. He has practiced in diagnostic pathology, emergency medicine and all other aspects of Veterinary Medicine.
    He was determined to further his skills in small animal medicine and therefore started as a locum Veterinarian. He has extensive experience in diagnostics, surgery, emergency and internal medicine. He loves dealing with challenging cases where he gets to use his professional skills in diagnostics and experience in internal medicine. 

    In the spring of 2020, Dr. Chishti decided to pursue his passion and is now the owner of the Eglinton Mavis Veterinary Hospital. He is looking forward to working with our amazing team and is excited to meet and build relationships with our wonderful clients and patients!

    Dr. Chishti believes that pets are an essential part of any family. He aims to provide the highest quality care for pets and their loved ones. He also believes life is a continuing learning process and always focuses on constantly improving his surgical, emergency and internal medicine skills through education courses, seminars and discussions with colleagues.

    Dr. Chishti is a member in good standing with:
    -College of Veterinarians of Ontario
    -Ontario Veterinary Medical Association
    -Canadian Veterinary Medical Association
    -American Veterinary Medical Association

  • Nicole
    Nicole Lamonaca
    Vet Tech

    Nicole Lamonaca was born in Listowel Ontrio, at the early age of 3 she got her first pet and fell in love with animals from that moment on she dedicated her spare time to looking after her animals from birds to turtles to dogs and cats. Her animals were not just pets but were part of her family. From then on she decided that she would persue a carreer in the veterinary feild to ensure that all of your pets are taken care of just like her own. She has been in this feild for over 20 years and even though she may not be a registered veterinary technician (RVT) she has an extremly important role in your animals health and well being. As long as your animals are in the clinic wheather it be for a nail trim or an emergency she is completly dedicated to your animals and is doing her absolute best to make your animals feel at home and as comfortable as possible. When you bring your animals here you dont have to worry about anything because they are in the best hands possible.

  • Natalia
    Natalia Camacho
    Vet Assistant/Receptionist

    Natalia Camacho is currently a grade 12 student at Rick Hansen Secondary School. Natalia has been a part of this community for her whole life and is more than grateful for the opportunity to help the pets in her
    neighborhood. I am striving to attend one of Ontario’s Universities for health science or psychology. The experience I am receiving while volunteering at Eglinton Mavis Veterinary Hospital has help pets and set up my goal in future. From a young age I love and passion  for animals and continues to beg from parents for a German Shepard Mix.  I am very lucky that Dr. Chishti offered me receptionist position and part of wonderful team.

  • Danielle
    Danielle Botelho

    Danielle Botelho has always had a love for animals. Since she was a child, she has wanted to work in the medical field, so she decided to put those two passions together and become a veterinary technician. She joined Sheridan college for Vet Tech program and did coop program at Eglinton Mavis veterinary Hospital. She is graduating from the veterinary technician program in 2022, and plans to further her career and become a license RVT in the future. She believes pets are a part of the family and should be treated as such. She will show every animal, and pet parent, that comes through the door compassion, empathy and understanding.

  • DRH
    Dr. Hala
    Veterinarian, DVM

    Dr. Hala graduated in 1998 from Assiut University with a degree in Veterinary Medicine (DVM). She then completed her post graduate diploma in microbiology form Cairo University in 2004. Her goal is to create a comfortable, friendly, caring and compassionate environment to all clients and their pets. Outside of veterinary medicine, Dr. Hala enjoys spending time with her husband and three kids. Some of her many interests include traveling, reading, doing crafts and cooking!

    Dr. Hala is a member in good standing with:
    - College of Veterinarians of Ontario
    - Ontario Veterinary Medical Association
    - Canadian Veterinary Medical Association
    - American Veterinary Medical Association

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