Pet Surgery

We at Eglinton Mavis Veterinary Hospital are dedicated to offering the appropriate care and services for your pets. Whether it's wellness exams, routine care, or pet surgery, we are ready to work with you to help your pet live his best life. We'll work with you to provide the most appropriate care, including pet surgery. We serve the residents in and around the Mississauga, ON, area. 

pet surgery

Pet Surgery Procedures

Occasionally, pets need surgical procedures to provide a remedy for injuries and illnesses. This is especially true of sudden accidents and ongoing conditions that affect the quality of life. Our veterinarian on our veterinary team can perform surgical procedures on the premises so that you don't need to take your pet to a different facility after diagnosis and recommendations for surgery.  

Our technology, tools, and specialty procedures allow pets to get the most benefit with reduced risks in the process. Through advanced diagnostics and surgery, pets can overcome dangerous or life-threatening conditions to relieve them and help them live longer. 


Once the surgical procedure is completed, your pet can stay in the recovery area, which can be monitored to ensure he recovers appropriately without any issues. If any problems arise, we are there to act right away. After your pet can go home, you may be asked to bring him in at a scheduled time for post-surgery exams. 

This is required to help our vet understand whether the procedure is successful and determine how the pet is doing after surgery. It also allows our veterinarian to detect any conditions that may be developing as a result and will enable them to correct them quickly with veterinary care to prevent further issues. Proper examination, diagnosis, treatment, and aftercare can help ensure your pet recovers faster and gets the most benefits. 

Get Advanced Diagnostics, Wellness Checkups, and Post Surgery Exams from our Veterinarian at Our Animal Hospital

If you are looking for pet care services in the Mississauga, ON, area, you can count on our animal hospital to provide the services your pet needs. Whether it's wellness checkups or more focused treatments like surgery, we are ready to serve you. Call or stop by our clinic to get answers to questions, browse for products, or to find out more about scheduling and payment options. Our office staff can help you with appointments and scheduling surgery, whether routine or emergency. We aim to help you give your pet the best care and treatments to keep him healthy and happy. Call us at (905) 501-8387 for more information. We at Eglinton Mavis Veterinary Hospital are here to help with both pre-op care and post-op recovery as well as post surgery exams.

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