Pet Anesthesia

Pet Procedures and Anesthesia

In the case of serious veterinary procedures, animals need to be placed under anesthesia to ensure their safety and allow the veterinary team to work effectively. This may be necessary for surgeries, dental work, and certain types of examinations that could otherwise cause excessive stress to the animal. However, anesthesia is not as simple as taking a pill or receiving a local painkiller shot. It requires expertise and a disciplined process to administer the anesthesia correctly and safely bring the animal out of its effects. At Eglinton Mavis Veterinarian Hospital in Mississauga, we utilize anesthesia to help ensure the well-being of pets. 


Low Risk in Practice

The majority of animals sedated for anesthesia procedures do not have adverse reactions, especially when undergoing surgery or similar procedures. Once the animal wakes up and recovers from the grogginess, it usually becomes active again, although it may be cautious around the area where the procedure was performed. Much of the anxiety surrounding anesthesia is based on pet owners projecting their understanding of how it works for humans or their personal experiences with human medicine. However, animals do not react or behave in the same way.

While there is always some level of risk involved when working with chemicals and their effects on the body, veterinarian training emphasizes safety and minimizes the chances of a negative reaction. In cases where a reaction does occur, symptoms such as vomiting are typically observed. This is why post-procedure care is crucial, and a qualified veterinary team will not discharge the animal until it has passed this phase.

When searching for a veterinarian online who handles anesthesia, it is important to ensure the vet has specialized training and certification of competency, as well as state-of-the-art equipment to provide the safest environment for your pet.

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